Introduction to Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is an amazing mobile phone game which will take you on a long journey you will not forget. It will require your attention on a daily basis, and trust us; you will look forward to it. There will always be something new you could do even after you reach the end (for which you will need at least a year) because it also features a PvP aspect with a possibility of being the best player in the game.

You will be able to fight alone or with your clan, boost your own rating, or the rating of your team. If you choose to be a part of a clan and fight for the glory of your teammates (which we suggest) you will experience thrills like never before.

But before you reach that point, there are a couple of things you need to know.

About the game

When you download and start playing Clash of Clans, you will be given a small tutorial. If you are new to the game or that kind of genre in particular, we suggest you follow through and remember what you did. After some time, the helpful guide will disappear and you will be left on your own. Now, the village that you are left with is yours to control. Whichever decision you make will dictate what happens and it will be irreversible. You will start slow, but as you play things will get much more complicated.

In Clash of Clans you will be able to train your personal army, maintain a stable economy which will provide you with valuable resources for further progress and organize your base for best possible defense.


There are four different resources in Clash of Clans that you can use for research, building or training troops. These are gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems.

The first three will be used on a regular basis, but the third, however, won't. Gems are a premium resource in this game and can only be obtained in larger quantities through the shop, for money. They can be otherwise acquired by clearing bushes and rocks or completing achievements, so use them wisely. The thing you should use them for should be a builders hut, which otherwise cannot be obtained.

In-game progress

Once you start playing the game, the most important upgrade of all will be a Town Hall upgrade. Town Hall represents the level of your entire base, and every other building or research will be limited by it. Once you finish building and researching everything you have, in order to unlock new buildings, upgrades and research you will have to upgrade your Town Hall to the next level.

We suggest that you finish every possible upgrade and research before leveling your Town Hall as it will be quite difficult to catch up later.

One last thing you need to know before you join the game is the fact that upgrades, research, and buildings cannot be made unless you have builders available, so make sure you use them wisely.

Clash of Clans tips

Most people who start playing Clash of Clans do not inform themselves enough about the game. There are many things people who have been playing this game for quite some time wish they had known before they started playing it.

You see, Clash of Clans is a game much like chess. Once you make a move, there is no turning back. If you decide to progress your town hall to the next level, you won't be able to go back, and it may pose a lot of problems. The same goes for resources, once you spend them, they are gone. The reason why we're talking about irreversible actions is that there are hidden things in the game that a small introduction, in the beginning, doesn't mention.

The things most people wish they had known before they started playing this game will be covered in the first two tips.

Clash of Clans Tips

1. Don't waste your gems

Gems are precious. Not because they let you save some time or allow you to replace gold and elixir, but because they can be used for purchasing builders huts. You see, once you start playing the game, you will only have two out of five possible builders, and in order to unlock the remaining three, you will need gems.

Gems can be obtained by completing achievements and clearing rocks and bushes, but in reality, the amount of gems you can obtain this way is minuscule. In order to unlock all three builders huts you would have to play for over a year, so, if you want to have all of them fast, you will have to pay real money. However, if you dislike spending money on games, you should be able to unlock the third builder quite fast if you don't spend your gems on something else.

Most people do not realize the significance of gems early on, and they spend it on something useless like speeding up the building process or finishing troop training instantly. These things in the long term don't mean anything, but having a third builder does. It exponentially increases the rate at which your base progresses so don't waste your gems, save them until you have enough to buy another builders hut.

2. Do not rush your Town Hall

There is this hidden feature in the game that most people don't know about. The level of your Town Hall directly influences on how much loot you can get from an attack. If your opponents Town Hall is the same level as your own or higher, it means that you can loot one hundred percent of his resources. However, if your opponent's town hall is one level lower than yours, you will only be able to steal ninety percent. If it's two levels, it drastically decreases to fifty percent, and at three levels lower it will only yield twenty-five percent. You may wonder now - how the hell do the people not know about this? Well, it's because the game instantly calculates this and it only shows you the amount of resources that you can loot. Leaving you to think that the amount you've looted is actually a hundred percent of what your opponent has.

In order to overcome this obstacle, it's best to reach Town Hall level 4 and stop progressing until you've completed every research and built every building. If you want to maximize your raiding potential, make sure you do the same at each Town Hall level. Don't level up unless you've finished everything you could on the level that you are currently at.

3. Start attacking early

When you just start playing the game, you get a defensive shield which protects you from enemy attacks. This shield may be good later on, but at the beginning, it's quite useless. We've mentioned the loot penalty above which means that people who are higher level than you won't really have much to loot from you anyway. Even if they do attack you, you will replenish your resources with ease. However, the attacks you make will be of great significance to your economy. The troops you train will be quite cheap and the time needed to train them is next to nothing.

The amount of resources you bring home from one attack will be equal to almost a whole days worth of waiting on your resource buildings. It will help you a lot in the beginning and speed up your game immensely.

4. While we're talking about offense.

Do not attack the first opponent that pops up. Use the next feature often and choose your targets. Your troops will be lost after an attack, which means your attacks should be successful and bountiful. The least amount of resources you should bring home is the amount which you spent on training the troops. However, if you want to be successful, that won't nearly be enough.

The targets should be chosen for one of two reasons. Either for loot or rank. If you want to rank up, be sure that you can win the fight, at least with one star. However, if you simply want to get some resources, victory should be the least of your worries.

The best thing you can do is attack an opponent who is a lot stronger than you but has a huge amount of resources outside of his walls. Send your troops directly to his resource buildings and watch yours as they go through the roof.

5. Use spells carefully

Spells cost a lot. If you are going to use them, use them wisely. There is no point in wasting a spell if you can win without it, but there is also no point in wasting a spell if you won't get enough resources back to at least be able to cover their price.

On top of losing resources, you will also lose precious time before you can attack again with full potential. So unless you want to wait until you have enough resources again, or until they are ready, use them with caution.

General upgrade priority in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a game which consumes a lot of time. Maybe not yours because you don't have to sit by your phone for fifteen hours looking at the screen as the upgrade completes, but in general. So, it would be very wise to try and plan your future moves.

If you want to progress as soon as possible and try and optimize your base the best you can against possible attackers and economy-wise, you should definitely check out this guide.

Upgrade Priority

There are many things you can do in Clash of Clans and these things mostly depend on what you want to do, which route you want to take. For example, if you want to play passively, check your upgrades every now and then, make sure you have a good and steady economy, you should probably focus on your defenses and resource building upgrades. However, if you want to be a warmonger, then you should focus all your time on researching the military aspect and progressing through town hall upgrades as soon as possible.

This guide won't be focused on just one aspect of the game, but it will help you have a strong base overall.

General rules for upgrades

After every town hall upgrade, there are tons of things you can build or upgrade, but which of them should have priority? This is a question many people ask themselves, but there is only one right answer.

The first thing you want to do after a town hall upgrade is focus on your laboratory.

The most effective way to increase your war and farming capabilities is by focusing on research. Not only is it the most important thing to upgrade when it comes to waging war and farming, but it also takes the most time to complete. It often happens that people rush other things first and leave research for later only to find themselves ready to upgrade the town hall to the next level without finishing all the research first. This way you will fall behind a lot, and at some point, you will lose time just to catch up with research.

Secondly, while your first builder is always busy doing research in the laboratory, the second one should focus on building whatever became available with the town hall upgrade. This way you will ensure that when the right time for another town hall upgrade comes, you will have all the buildings and research complete.

The things you should build first are new army camps and new barracks.

After you're done with barracks and army camps, make sure you switch all your focus on army camp upgrades and the spell factory.

Now that you're done increasing your offensive strength it's time to focus on your defense.

New towers, storage structures, new walls and dark elixir drills should hold priority over everything else. Once you're done with that, make sure you upgrade the old towers.

Once you're done with everything from the above, do any leftover research, and build any leftover buildings before you progress to the next level of your town hall.