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Clash of Clans Hack App Review

All you need to beat all your friends

Clash of Clans (CoC) was a breath of fresh air when it first came out. It was so amazing and addictive, millions of people instantly flocked over from playing other games to enjoying this masterpiece. It was such a huge hit among gamers that people were skeptical about how long it will last.

Games like Clash of Clans usually attract a large group of people only to see their ratings drop a few months later. What really made this game extraordinary was that it kept the majority of its players for years to come.

It's almost 2017, and it still holds its righteous place amongst the best mobile phone games out there.

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About Clash of Clans

If you're a veteran who already knows a lot about this game, you can skip this part and head straight for the CoC hack tool. However, if you are a beginner or just randomly dropped on this page, by all means, stay and learn more about this amazing game.

Clash of Clans was created by Supercell and made free for anyone who is willing to play it. It's a type of game which you can play without paying a dime, but if you want to have an advantage over other players or simply speed up your game, you can purchase some in-game resources which will help you in that regard.

Clash of Clans is an MMO game (massively multiplayer online game) which makes it a multiplayer game, but it also relies heavily on strategy. It revolves around developing and perfecting your base so that it yields enough resources, but is, at the same time, strong enough to withstand enemy attacks.

In this game, you can focus on yourself and simply play your game, develop your base, explore every option. Or you can be a warmonger who preys on others to generate resources and use combat as a primary aspect of your game.

This game is made to last. As you play the game, it will gradually take more and more time for you to gather enough resources, research some major upgrades, or even conjure a big enough army to annihilate your opponents. The more you play, the better your base will be. The only problem with the game is that sometimes you may find yourself stuck without having anything to do. This is because there are these little guys called builders and they are responsible for any upgrade or construction. If you have none of them available, you won't be able to progress.

In the beginning, you will only have two builders, but you can also buy more of them using this special resource called ''gems''.

Tips And Tricks

If you are new to the game, or just want to improve, feel free to check our blog. We will often publish some useful gameplay tips.

Game News

Want to check what is new with Clash of Clans? Just visit our blog page, you will find all you need to know.

Premium Resource

Gems are a premium resource that cannot be obtained in large quantities just by playing the game. Sure, there are a few things you can do like completing achievements, clearing some rocks or bushes and so on, but they will not nearly be enough. If you tried saving and generating these gems so that you can unlock all five builder's huts (each hut provides one builder), you would need well over sixteen months. So, of course, Supercell made them available in their store so that the people who have money can buy them and have a huge advantage over others. These gems can also be used as a substitute for every other resource (Gold, elixir, and dark elixir) as well as for speeding up building constructions and generating army instantly.

As you can already see, this game is a kind of game you would call ''pay-to-win''. Somebody who has five builders from the start will be exponentially faster than someone who only has two. And that, from our point of view, is wrong.

If you're here, that must mean that you agree with our way of thinking and for that, you will be generously rewarded.

Online CoC Generator

Clash of Clans Gems Hack Generator

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This is where they beat the game. This is where you avenge your little guys against all those paying users. This is where they make our stand.

If you are sick and tired of constantly being behind people who play with their money and not with their mind. Sick and tired of your friends who tease you for being a slowpoke and having only two builders, and everyone else who have an advantage over you just because of those damn gems then you've come to the right place.

This Clash of Clans Hack app tool is very simple. It was made by a group of developers who, like you, play this game, but are unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars just to keep up with everybody else. They've developed the Supercell's database and connected it to a very simple tool that allows you to generate an unlimited amount of gems completely free of charge. To understand more about how this works, check the paragraph below.

This Clash of Clans Cheats app is constantly being updated by our group of developers. They maintain an advantage of being one step ahead at all times so that the Supercell developers don't even know it exists. As soon as the new patch comes out, we have our team working twenty-four hours a day to modify the unlimited gem generator so that it remains undetectable and working as intended.

This Clash of Clans Hack App won't stop working anytime soon, so if you find yourself without gems again, you can always visit us and replenish your supply. Enter 2017 prepared and vanquish your foes!

How does it work?

As we've already mentioned above, this CoC hack app tool is connected directly to Clash of Clans' database. This means that they have direct access to any account. It doesn't require any downloads and it's always available on our website.

Because it's on our website and it requires no downloads, it's completely safe. There is one of the best guides for clash of clans in an app that you will ever find.

All you will have to do to get your precious gems is write your username or e-mail, select a platform you're using, and select the amount of gems you want.

Currently, they have three options for gems, one for 199.999 gems, one for 499.999 gems, and the last one for 999.999 gems.

clash of clans gems

These numbers aren't really that important because the process is repeatable and you will be able to generate any amount you want. You can click until you fingers hurt and still be able to do the same thing tomorrow. Basically, you have an unlimited amount of gems at your disposal at any given moment.

The best thing about this is - Gems are a digital currency in Clash of Clans. No matter how many you get, they won't be missing from a database or some kind of safe. They simply get generated again and again whenever someone decides to buy them so that it won't raise any red flags among the developers.

In the very least, do you think that people working for Supercell pay for their gems? We don't think so; they probably use something similar to our gems generator to satisfy their needs.

Clan War Strategy


Clan wars are probably the main reason why you play this game, and at this point, gems won't help you all that much. When you reach the end (which you will do very fast with this method), there won't be anything else for you to do other than wage war. At this point, you will need some sort of strategy to beat other players. So, in order to help you even further, we've come up with these few tips which will be extremely helpful once you start brawling with other players.

1. Know your goal

When it comes to clan wars, only one thing matters - stars. You don't need resources at this point; you need to annihilate your opponent. If you can, destroy the whole base, if you can't aim for 50 percent destruction or the town center. There are too many people who deal 75 percent damage without destroying the town center which only awards them with one star. Big mistake.

2. Manage your war base

There are two different layouts, one you use for your everyday base, and one that you use for war. During clan war, your resource buildings aren't all that important, they only serve as something that will generate more damage for the opponent, so leave them outside the walls if you don't have enough space. Make sure you protect your defensive structures as much as you can so that you can deflect enemy forces without losing them.

3. Scout your opponents

Scout the base layouts and enemy base level before you decide to attack.

Make an army that you think will have the most success against that particular base layout and plan from which side you should attack. Call early what your target will be so that your teammates don't attack the same guy as well.

4. Check replays

If you get destroyed, don't feel bad. It just means that your base needs improvement. Maybe you have everything needed to be able to defend yourself, but you've simply placed your buildings so that they are easily taken out. There are a lot of things we can overlook when it comes to a larger base so learn from your mistakes and never let the enemy beat you twice using the same methods.

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